What is GPG? Why and how to use it?

The company I currently work with, our team decided to use OpenGPG keys. OpenPGP keys are also known GPG keys.

The intent is to avoid any security issues from impersonation attacks to the Nautilus Cyberneering code repositories. We host our repositories on the well known GitHub repository platform where this is one of the two options for increasing security through commit signing.

I wrote this post to explain what GPG is and how to use it since there are likely also other users who do not know it, nor have never used it before. The post was published on Nautilus Cyberneering’s corporate website today.

It is a quick read and simple overview of OpenPGP keys functioning, benefits and use.

Anyone interested in more digital security can benefit from reading it. Learning about OpenPGP keys easy and there many user friendly applications out there.

If you want to learn more

It is always good to learn more about them since OpenPGP keys can be used to encrypt, certify, authenticate and sign.

If you are more interested about how to use it check out our GPG – Bootcamp repository on GitHub that I was asked to create. If you see any errors or mistakes please feel free to comment on GitHub.

I hope this is information is useful for you and makes your online and digital life more secure

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