Humans and the Planet: Forests disappearing

Forests disappearing

Photo by David Geere on Unsplash

It is a more than evident fact that humans are having an effect on the planet. One example the forests of the world are disappearing. Fires, logging, human settlement expansion, converting forest into pastures for cattle are just a few causes for it. The one thing they all have in common is that these are the result of conscious human acts. Sad to say forests are just one example.

What drives this destruction?

Sad to say, most often then not it is for short term monetary revenues of individuals and companies, to satisfy our lifestyle. Forests are converted into a quick source of income, living space, etc.

These short term goals do not grasp the long term repercussions that they have and the fact that these acts of destruction likely have negative effects on our own future as a species.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world, is but a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

Mahatma Gandhi

When I read this quote by Mahatma Gandhi, I thought that it captured the essence of the problem. We are living in a world where we as a species are creating a world through destruction and not through living in harmony with our surrounding.

We are playing god in a way. We are consuming the resources without replenishing them. We are polluting the air, the water in our strive to develop, to expand and to live as a species. But what about the others species? The plants the animals? The insects? We trample their existence, in our eagerness to develop through genius we are just demonstrating our ingenuity, that we are nothing but blind to the obvious.

The world is our home, we do not have the right to destroy it since we are not the only living beings and without everything that comprises nature its plants, animals and insects, we will not only impoverish our own existence but likely endanger that of our future generations.

It is a paradise, a treasure trove worth saving.

Photos by Baciu Cristian Mihai, Kishore Ragav Ganesh Kumar, Daniel Seßler, Florian Schneider, Niels van Altena on Unsplash

The world our responsibility

Humans as a species have been gifted with the conscious intellect to inflict change and to create. Humans can take an idea and make it reality which is creating an abstract thought and make it material, like gods.

“Great power involves great responsibility.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The world is our playground but we forget that this power bears with it an incredible responsibility. Our intellect can create both good and evil, and our steps as a species need to be taken cautiously. The first thing however we need to learn is respect, and take care of the treasure trove of our planet.

Would you not agree that this world is worth it and that there is a different way to live and to grow? Respectful of the planet?