Choosing what to learn and where?

What to learn ?

Whenever I approach a project I ask myself what do I want to achieve, and what do I need to know in order to achieve it.

If for example you want to learn something for fun you can just go ahead and do it without much thought. If you want to set up a business you possibly need to learn things that you had not considered before.

When choosing what to learn you have to be realist though and keep some things in mind:

  • You cannot do everything yourself.
  • In the end you have to focus on what you are good at.
  • In the beginning you possibly may only need some general understanding in some areas in order to progress.
  • Later there is always someone out there who can help you, so you do not need to learn it all.

For instance, I am passionate about food and I enjoy cooking. Could I become a Chef with my own restaurant? Sure thing but first I would need to know what is required and assess my skills.

Cooking at home is very different from running a restaurant kitchen and business. So for a start, I would need some chef training, read up on running a restaurant, the competition, what they do and how in order to decide what I need to learn and what is better done by others, etc.

Where can I learn it?

You have so many options today, some free and others paid. For some you will need official proof in the form of certificates, diplomas, etc. and you will have to look who can provide this type of training.

One word of advice before you even consider any of the paid options, make sure of the following: You really need it or you will gain a direct benefit from it.

Other things you can very often learn for free, there is so much information out there.

My favorite sources for learning material are three:

  • Books
  • Youtube videos
  • Online websites

I will constantly add to a list of resources that I have found useful and which I will share here on this website so feel free to browse through these. If you have any questions let me know.

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