Tackling Problems: Plastic – An Example from Guatemala

Tackling Problems: Plastic - An Example from Guatemala

I saw this video yesterday, it impressed me for two reasons.

  1. It shows that modern societies problems can be tackled with common sense and a joined will.
  2. The importance of clear priorities no matter the economic cost, in this case respecting nature and safe guarding it.

A Remarkable Example

These people have given it a shot, an entire community joining together and banning the use of plastic, so that their future generations can enjoy their living place as they do.

In essence going back former consumption habits and valuing nature, the environment and acting accordingly out of respect to its resources. It is an example of the movement of an entire community including its leaders wholeheartedly supporting this commitment.

Technologically innovative?

Not at all since they are going back to the former ways of their people. In essence by looking back to former ways they tackle a problem without sophisticated technologies.

The innovativeness here in my opinion stems from the fact that they have banned the use of plastic in an entire community. Radical but see and judge for yourself.


Do you know of other examples? What do you think of this?

Good Reads: A small town in Japan doubles its fertility rate

Some time ago I read this article and I found it a good one, yesterday I bumped into it again.

I enjoy looking at how people, groups, institutions, etc. tackle problems of importance. For me this is an interesting article, since I believe focuses on an important problem more mature societies face: low fertility or birth rates.

There usually is much buzz about innovation, and many believe that it is only very novel things or approaches that can be called so, when sometimes it is actually just common sense, which are different just because nobody else exectuted.

Great article article of the 9th of January 2018 by the Economist: “A small town in Japan doubles its fertility rate”.

This case is a perfect example of how you can make an impact with common sense incentives, something countries like Spain could learn from.