Sprite Creation for IOS Demo App

This is a project where I worked as part of a team to create a non linear visual story framework for IOS called Boken Engine, and we had to create a demo to display its potential which we called IAKKAI SAGA.

Github Repository Screenshot: Boken Engine

Given that some of the team members liked the RPG medieval world we thought of creating such a story.

This is a screenshot from the Boken Engine GitHub repository to which I contributed to

Here are the links to the GitHub repositories of:

Also in case that you want to download the app for IOS devices it is here.

I had never thought that I would use my amateur drawing skills for work, but I must say that I really enjoyed it.

To create the artwork I used a WACOM Cintiq tablet and tried out two different softwares Affinity Designer and Corel Painter 2021.